Reclaim Your Lawn With Integrity!

POSTED: August 13, 2017 | Integrity Lawns & Ornamental

Reclaim Your Lawn with Integrity

On a beautiful, bright, sunny-but-cool morning you want nothing more than to just sit back and relax in a comfortable chair outdoors and watch the green grass grow as you fade off into a world with no responsibilities. Unfortunately, you’re disappointed because your grass isn’t so green and your landscape is looking brown and yellow and patchy. It’s wilted, and dead or dying, with many uneven faded spots of turf, and small holes and tunnels from burrowing animals all over. Not a pretty picture at all! However, with a little help from your neighborhood lawn pest control service you can be well on your way to having a beautiful lawn once again.

Most lawns are regularly infested with things such as weeds, bugs, insects, and other pests than can cause unyielding damage to the landscape. And of course we know that nothing brings down the value and beauty of your property as easily and quickly as a severely damaged lawn. At Integrity Lawn & Ornamental Inc. we help you find a solution for your unpleasant lawn issues.

The first thing that needs to be done is to identify your specific lawn problem as this will save you time, money and most importantly property value. There are many forms of damage that can be assessed and treated to help maintain the look and value of your property. In particular and where insects are concerned, once we have correctly identified your specific issues and become familiarized with their cycles, we then work to treat them with the right solutions and at the right time of year to best control these rapidly reproducing pests.

You may be experiencing issues caused by white grubs, billbugs, armadillos, moles, or crickets just to name a few. Or, you may also have to deal with things such as pets and wildlife which may cause further damage by digging up your lawn to get to these pests. And still, even more damage can be caused by insects such as armyworms, cutworms, sod webworms, chinch bugs, and even spittlebugs. This list can go on and on. You will need to be aware of the many commonly known signs that will alert you that pests have overrun your lawn.

These signs include (but are not limited to):

  • Brown spots
  • Dead and dying grass patches
  • Blades of grass that are wilting or have bite marks
  • And, most obvious, the presence of insects themselves within the grass

You may also notice signs of damage stemming from underground pest such as missing or thin roots and holes in the soil. However, by contacting Integrity Lawn & ornamental Inc., we can work with you to design the perfect lawn program just for your property. A few of the areas where we will assist you are fertilization, insect control, weed control, and yard critter control.

  • Fertilization: A program designed to supply the necessary nutrients for both your turf and ornamental plantings. Our fertilization program will help keep your lawn healthy, lush, green and beautiful, providing incredible curb appeal, by using various nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, etc.
  • Insect Control: A program to prevent extensive damage by insect pests, frequent inspections of the turf should be made, especially during spring and summer, so that insect infestations can be found early and treatments applied promptly. It is important to be sure of the cause so proper treatment can be promptly applied to correct the trouble without the needless waste of pesticides and without further damage
  • Weed Control: A program for removing undesirable plant growth in either turf areas or plant bed areas. Some examples might be dollar weed, dandelions, garden spurge, sedge, crabgrass and dichondria.
  • Yard Critter Control: Many methods to coax burrowing critters out of the ground have been developed. They include using ultrasonic devices to scare them, filling the tunnels with water to flood them, igniting smoke bombs to gas them, setting bait to poison them and using propane torches to blast them. At Integrity Lawn we utilize a method we’ve found to be successful over the years, a deterrent called Yard Gard.

Integrity Lawn & Ornamental Inc. is a family based local Lawn Pest Control Service that has been serving the homeowners and businesses surrounding Jacksonville for over 12 years. By working with one of our experts, we will strive to maintain the utmost beauty of your property through proper irrigation, maintenance (mowing), and pest control. We will help you reclaim your lawn from the many pests that may have taken over. Contact Integrity Lawn & Ornamental Inc. today for a free lawn service evaluation.

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