• Posted: May 1, 2022

    beautiful lawn

    We want to say Thank You for being a valued customer and share some important irrigation information as the temperature begins to heat up.

    Please be sure your system is covering the turf evenly and at between 3/4"-1" per zone when the system runs. This is usually 45 minutes for rotors and 25 for nozzles. This can be checked by putting out some plastic cups before running the system, especially in areas that look dry or have blades that are folded along their length. These are signs of heat stress. In full sunlight, turf will need to be irrigated 3 times per week. In filtered sunlight, you can usually do 2 times per week. Your tech will put your watering requirements at the bottom of your service report. Call our office at (904) 721-0182 if you want a quote for an irrigation tune-up.

    While many areas have watering day restrictions, our recommendations are based on the University of Florida agricultural department and what we have found to be realistic over the last 20 years. These suggestions will help you protect your landscape investment.

    Mike Petschke
    Integrity L & O
    (904) 721-0182