Integrity Lawn and Ornamental follows the University of Florida and the Department of Agriculture "Best Management Practices". This provides for the highest effectiveness with the lowest impact on the environment. We use many products, but none have stronger than a "caution" label (no "danger" labels). All have been tested for safety to humans and pets when applied according to the label.

    The most important thing pet owners can do, is to not let their pets in the grass until the application has dried. The maximum amount of time this takes is 2 hours, but normally in Florida, it is closer to 30 minutes. Ensure it is either completely dry, or has been watered in by irrigation or rainfall.

    Today's pest control products, as opposed to 25 years ago, are designed for a very narrow group of targets and work in very specific ways. While this approach is more costly, it definitely limits lateral effects. The state requires our owner to maintain his education annually. Our technicians do this as well.

    If you'd like more information, please feel free to call Mike at (904) 721-0182

  • Posted: Jan 20, 2023


    These can be any of 4 types of lawn CATERPILLARS, not "worms" as they are called:
    a. Tropical sod webworms
    b. Army worms
    c. Cut worm
    d. Green leaf loopers

    Each type has a slightly different life cycle, but they all have an ADULT STAGE (moths that lay eggs), and PUPAL STAGE (caterpillars that feed on grass blades in the evening).
    They primarily eat St. Augustine grass, but occasionally affect other types of turf.
    The ADULTS (moths) cannot be controlled as they are airborne and fly away. We use different types of systemic insecticides to kill the caterpillars as they begin to feed. Our insecticides have a 90-day residual effect.
    ACELEPRYN (chemical we use)


    There are no products available to kill CRABGRASS in turf. We use PRODIAMINE in the fall and spring to help prevent it until someone comes up with a replacement for ASULUX, which was removed for use by the EPA.

  • Posted: May 1, 2022

    We want to say Thank You for being a valued customer and share some important irrigation information as the temperature begins to heat up.

    Please be sure your system is covering the turf evenly and at between 3/4"-1" per zone when the system runs. This is usually 45 minutes for rotors and 25 for nozzles. This can be checked by putting out some plastic cups before running the system, especially in areas that look dry or have blades that are folded along their length. These are signs of heat stress. In full sunlight, turf will need to be irrigated 3 times per week. In filtered sunlight, you can usually do 2 times per week. Your tech will put your watering requirements at the bottom of your service report. Call our office at (904) 721-0182 if you want a quote for an irrigation tune-up.

    While many areas have watering day restrictions, our recommendations are based on the University of Florida agricultural department and what we have found to be realistic over the last 20 years. These suggestions will help you protect your landscape investment.

    Mike Petschke
    Integrity L & O
    (904) 721-0182