Integrity Lawn and Ornamental follows the University of Florida and the Department of Agriculture "Best Management Practices". This provides for the highest effectiveness with the lowest impact on the environment. We use many products, but none have stronger than a "caution" label (no "danger" labels). All have been tested for safety to humans and pets when applied according to the label.

The most important thing pet owners can do, is to not let their pets in the grass until the application has dried. The maximum amount of time this takes is 2 hours, but normally in Florida, it is closer to 30 minutes. Ensure it is either completely dry, or has been watered in by irrigation or rainfall.

Today's pest control products, as opposed to 25 years ago, are designed for a very narrow group of targets and work in very specific ways. While this approach is more costly, it definitely limits lateral effects.

The state requires our owner to maintain his education annually. Our technicians do this as well. If you'd like more information, please feel free to call Mike at (904) 721-0182.