• Identifying and treating common lawn diseases

    Posted: August 1, 2020 | INTEGRITY LAWNS

    Identifying and treating Jacksonville’s most common lawn diseases

    Chinch bugs may be the best-known lawn pest in Jacksonville, but there are diseases that are pests too. Florida summers are hot, humid, wet and muggy. This ecosystem is perfect for certain diseases to thrive in. Continue Reading

  • 9 Tips to Keep a Yard Thriving During The Summer

    Posted: May 30, 2018 | INTEGRITY LAWNS

    9 Tips to Keep a Yard Thriving During The Summer

    Maintaining a healthy yard can be hard to do all year round. The summer brings even more challenges with the intense heats. Maintaining a good yard during the summer is possible though. With our ten steps you will be able to keep your yard in great condition during the hottest of summers. Continue Reading

  • How To Prevent Brown Patches

    Posted: May 3, 2018 | INTEGRITY LAWNS

    How To Prevent Brown Patches In Your Grass

    St. Augustine grass, is a popular thick growing warm season grass, that easily keeps most weeds out. Unfortunately it is susceptible to brown patches which most commonly occur in fall and winter in this region. But what do you do to get your lawn back back in shape, and how can this be prevented from happening again? Continue Reading

  • The Undesirables Of Your Lawn - Weeds

    Posted: November 15, 2017 | INTEGRITY LAWNS

    The Undesirables Of Your Lawn Weeds

    Like so many other things, even nature has its undesirables. One of the things we commonly dread is weeds, even though in some cases, they do also serve many purposes. However, by and large, when it comes to lawn care they are considered to be unwanted because all too often they exist in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Continue Reading

  • Reclaim Your Lawn with Integrity

    Posted: August 13, 2017 | INTEGRITY LAWNS

    Reclaim Your Lawn with Integrity!

    On a beautiful, bright, sunny-but-cool morning you want nothing more than to just sit back and relax in a comfortable chair outdoors and watch the green grass grow as you fade off into a world with no responsibilities. Continue Reading

  • Lawn Pests Can Cause Major Damage

    Posted: July 21, 2017 | INTEGRITY LAWNS

    Lawn Pests Can Cause Major Damage

    Your well-manicured, healthy, green lawn can be the envy of all your neighbors, while it provides you with a great backdrop for pleasant outdoor living. That is, of course, if you remember one very important thing - Lawn Pests! Continue Reading

  • Fall Lawn Care Advice

    Posted: November 15, 2016 | INTEGRITY LAWNS

    Fall Lawn Care Advice

    Our Florida winter is almost upon us. And as the weather continues to cool down and the grass continues to slow its growing pattern, there are a couple things to be aware of. Continue Reading