Integrity Mosquito Control Services

Buzz-Free Solutions: Integrity Mosquito Control

We use a 2 step approach to get mosquito populations under control, both products are non-toxic and are safe to be used near people and pets.

First, we use the In2Care mosquito control program. This system is designed to be more of a long-term solution, as it attracts and infects the females with larvicide that she will transmit to every site she lays eggs at. Over time, this will continuously reduce the number of mosquito larvae becoming adults. Secondly, we use a backpack fogger to mist the area with Nature-Cide insecticide. This product is all natural and made from essential oils, giving it a pleasant odor. It does not have the same efficacy as a Pyrethroid insecticide, but it does not negatively impact desirables like bees, butterflies and birds.

This will provide a more immediate decrease in the mosquito population, but will not produce the same long term effects as in2care. We will be making monthly visits to your property to monitor and replenish the in2care system and re-fog the property. Obviously, some properties are more difficult to control than others, like properties that are adjacent to wetlands or marsh areas. It is possible that more than 1 fogging per month is required in certain situations and these would be done at half of the regular monthly cost.

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