As the owner of Integrity Lawn and Ornamental, I will strive to maintain the attractiveness of every property we maintain. To achieve that goal, four elements must work in unison - Proper irrigation, proper maintenance (mowing), proper pest control and weather. We will manage the pest control, the other elements are the responsibility of the property owner. I have developed this agreement so that both parties are aware of their responsibilities.
- Mike Petschke

Our Service Agreement - VIEW | DOWNLOAD (PDF)

  • Integrity Lawn and Ornamental will make a minimum of eight lawn pest control applications per 12 month period beginning at the time of the first application.
  • This will include fertilization, insect control, broadleaf weed and disease control, note exceptions below.
  • If our shrub program is in place on the property, it may include any or all of the following (as discussed and agreed upon); seasonal fertilization, insect control, disease control and in some cases weed control as specified below.
  • If a supervisor or the customer requests a service call to the property, it will be done at no additional cost.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to properly maintain and run their irrigation as the turf requires (techs and supervisors will leave watering instructions on service reports. In full summer sunlight turf may require additional irrigation).
  • It is the customer's responsibility to maintain proper mowing practices for their specified turf. This includes mowing height and mowing blade maintenance to prevent disease.
  • Invoices will be emailed or sent by US mail within one week of service date, payment is due upon receipt. After 30 days, a late charge will be assessed and service will be suspended until the account is brought current. There may be a restart fee if the lapse in service has caused maintenance issues.
  • This service agreement will automatically renew annually. However, you may cancel at any time provided your account is current. Integrity Lawn and Ornamental also reserves the right to cancel an account if necessary.

Above mentioned exceptions:

Insect control turf - Integrity Lawn and Ornamental follows the Florida best management practices guidelines for pest control. Our program is designed to reduce the harmful insect population below the damaging threshold. It will not control: moles or armadillos (call our office for details about options for mole and armadillo control), Ants (call our office about Ant control), adult "sod web worms" (the moths) or nematodes.

Insect control shrubs (if included in program) - cycads such as the King Sago Palm are affected by an insect known as Asian cycad scale. These insects repopulate at a rate so high that they are almost impossible to control with insecticide alone. Affected plants may require occasional mechanical pruning to help maintain the insect population.

Weed control - We intend to make properties as weed-free as possible. Grassy weeds like sedge and crabgrass are much more difficult to control than broadleaf weeds. We will attempt to backpack out grassy weeds wherever possible. It is not possible however, to guarantee control of these weeds.

Weed control in beds (if included in program) - weed control in ornamental plant areas (beds) will be done with roundup, and only in areas where desired plant material is unlikely to be affected. We cannot assume liability for plant material in beds under any conditions.

Fungus control turf - the program includes the use of liquid phosphite fungicide. However, if the turf has or develops Brown patch fungus, we recommend using a granule fungicide to pretreat the turf at the end of summer or early fall. Call our office for details about this option.

Our Service Agreement - VIEW | DOWNLOAD (PDF)